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Not Knowing the Betrayal of That Day

About "Not Knowing the Betrayal of That Day" Webtoon

Read Not Knowing the Betrayal of That Day manga - manhwa update free at Bibimanga.Com I didn’t anticipate the betrayal on that day, 그날의 배신을 알지 못하여 ‘Stupid b*tch.’ After that rash choice, she sold the most precious thing with her own hands. The price she had to pay for betrayal was the position of a noble’s concubine and cruel abuse. But that’s not why Tessa died. And just like that, 7 years passed. “Long time no see, Tessa” Hert, who she thought was dead was now standing in front of her. And he became an elegant gentleman. *** “Do you miss your husband?” Hert looked at Tessa and the portrait of the lord he had just seen. “I already killed that bastard, what should I do?” Tessa didn’t dare to breathe heavily at that terrifyingly cold voice. Not Knowing The Betrayal Of That Day

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